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What are the advantages of LINQ over Stored Procedures?

Posted by: Sam
On 11 Nov 2012 | Views: 1289 | Categories: Linq
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 On 11 Nov 2012 11:43:17 AM
There are 3 main advantages of LINQ over stored procedures.

1. Deployment - We need to provide an additional script for stored procedures to execute but in case of LINQ, it will compile into single DLL hence deployment becomes easier.

2. Type Safety - As LINQ is type safe, the queries errors are type checked at compile time. Better suggest to use LINQ because it helps to encounter an error at the compile time rather than at runtime exception.

3. Debugging - As debug point concern, as LINQ is part of .NET, we can use the visual studio's debugger to debug the queries but it is tough to debug the Stored procedure as it will not support the visual studio debugger.

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