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What is satellite assembly in .net?

Posted by: Michael
On 06 Jan 2012 | Views: 991 | Categories: Live Framework, ASP.NET
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 On 06 Jan 2012 11:19:31 AM
satellite assemblies are used to build multi-linguestic applications. application which has built in supportive of more than one human readable language is known as multi-lingustic applications.
 On 06 Jan 2012 11:21:55 AM
Satelite Assemblies dose not contain any Data. Its Contain only resources Information. Which is used mainly for to display information based on the Cultural setting of browser or region
 On 06 Jan 2012 11:26:48 AM
When you write a multilingual or multi-cultural application in .NET, and want to distribute the core application separately from the localized modules, the localized assemblies that modify the core application are called satellite assemblies.

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