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Domain nevek regisztrálása. A weboldal készítés során a keresőoptimalizálás a legfontosabb , hogy honlapunk megtalálható legyen minden keresőben. ...Read more
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Operational prototype can be very handy to give user a operational view of the system that helps them understand better and sometimes that is a technique to elicit hidden requirements as well. One of my recent projects I faced similar scenario where client wants to see how the system will look like before signing off the specification list. So I designed a t4 template which will generate BLL (Business Logic Layer)/DAL (Data Access Layer) on basis of XML/XSD and performs CRUD (Create/Retrieve/Update/Delete) operations in memory. The template is easily configurable according to individuals need. ...Read more
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This article describes the below items:

XML data validation with XSD like XML TAGS provided are present and appropriate with respect to XSD
How to write custom validations like check to see email ID is valid or not
How to generate XSD from XML
How to generate Custom Error, when XML data validation fails
How to write regular expression in XSD
Let's get into a sample with the below steps:

Step 1: Define XML
Step 2: Generate/Define XSD
Step 3: Write code to validate XML with XSD
Step 4: Handle Exception in by defining Custom Exception ...Read more
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